Skin Checks

Systematic Total Body Check

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A skin check means a systematic total body check using a hand held dermoscope, by one of our nurses who is trained in dermoscopy first, then a doctor who also then examines the skin and discusses a treatment programme depending on the skin type and the findings of the skin check.

Depending on the skin check findings, we may recommend biopsies or treatments such as cryotherapy or topical treatments such as Efudix or Picato, or excisions. Some treatments can be performed at the time of the skin checks and some slightly more complicated ones, such as excisions, usually have to be booked into a theatre slot to be done at another time.

We normally recommend people to undress down to their underwear for the skin check. Gowns are available if you feel uncomfortable or chilly. Please let the staff know if you had any particular skin cancer concerns before they perform the skin check. We also recommend people to remove makeup, fake tan and nail polish, so as to allow the staff to check the skin to the best of their ability.

A full skin check usually takes about half an hour, depending on the individual’s skin type and condition.

We normally bulk bill Pensioners (including patients over the age of 75), HCC holders, DVA card holders for skin checks. Procedures may however involve a fee.

If you are not a pensioner or HCC/ DVA holder, a skin check costs $125. A $75.75 rebate is usually claimable from Medicare after the skin check.

You do not need a GP referral to have a skin check- you can just book your appointment either by phone or drop by the clinic and have a chat with our friendly receptionist!